Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bread Pudding

Another recipe that has been around forever, Bread Pudding. I enjoy this old time favorite, but have never made it until now. Pretty easy recipe to follow, and it turned out great. So far, Jessica is the only one to try it besides me. She gobbled it right up, so I think she likes it.

Got the recipe out of my trusty, Better Homes cookbook. You know, only one of the most famous cookbooks out there. It's been around for years. My mother has one, and I'm pretty sure my grandmother has one too. I love this book. I used to flip though my mom's looking for ideas. I would try the recipes, sometimes the results good, other times, disastrous. But, more on that another time. Anyway, I love this book, mainly because it's a little nostalgic, but always informative.

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krafty mommy said...

Found your blog and this picture made me hungry! My (diabetic!) grandmother had an AMAZING bread pudding recipe that we still use. The first 3 ingredients are some form of sugar; but is is rich and yummy! It is an amazingly home-y dish that always makes me feel good. :)