Friday, June 25, 2010

Fast and Easy Turkey Burgers

I love ground turkey! So many things you can do with it. Plus, it takes flavorings so well. Not to mention better for you. I love making burgers with ground turkey. Here is one of the ways I make them.
One package ground turkey and one packet of french onion soup mix. Mix together and make 4 burger patties. Spray burger patties with nonstick cooking spray. Cook on hot grill and cook until done and there is no pink. Dress burger with cheese, bacon and avocado.

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Karate Mommy said...

Want to make them with less sodium...use Tastefully Simple seasonings...onion onion, garlic garlic, & seassoned salt. All of their spices have WAY less sodium then the Lipton onion soup mixes. I like turkey meatloaf...haven't made a turkey burger yet.